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06 January 2014 @ 06:26 pm
All I know since yesterday is everything has changed.  
"After completing a full season with BK Racing in 2013, the decision has been mutually made to part ways between driver David Reutimann and BK Racing effective immediately. Due to the current uncertainty of the team's 2014 driver lineup, driver David Reutimann has decided not to pursue a seat with BK Racing for 2014. No official driver lineup for the upcoming season is currently available at this time. "

Another year, another instance of David getting screwed over.
It's JANUARY and now David has NOTHING. This is absolutely ridiculous. All because they're fucking obsessed with new young drivers now, and loved Alex Bowman when he tested for them before. And as soon as I saw Alex Bowman and Ryan Truex were testing for BK at Daytona I KNEW bad news was going to follow. Alex has his whole career ahead of him, why rush into it? Umm how about having RESPECT for your current drivers? If one of the drivers was not going to be at BK this year I thought it would be Travis because of the negative headlines he brought to the team last season. I honestly have no idea what the hell is going to happen now, there's hardly any rides out there. And I know David is building his company, but he said himself he's not ready to retire yet. He's only 43 years old! People act like he's 70 or something. He loves to race and deserves to be racing! He could be a champion if people would just get their heads out of their damn asses and SIGN HIM TO A GOOD TEAM ALREADY. I can't take this anymore! How many more blows to his confidence does he need with these bottom tier teams?! I'm thankful that he had rides in 2012 and 2013 but really all they have done is KILL his reputation. The nicest guy in Nascar gets treated the worst, shouldn't it be the other way around. I could just scream right now. I just hope he finds something because if David's Nascar career is over I can't handle it. Like even Nationwide or Truck. SOMETHING. And would it be too much to ask for something COMPETITIVE OR AT LEAST HALF DECENT?!?!!  And why does BK Racing continue to put drivers through this by not finalizing their lineup until mid January?!?! Hmm wasn't that part of why Landon Cassill left too, aside from the money they were just waiting and waiting to give him an answer because they truly wanted someone else (and that someone else was David at the time.) And I  guarantee January 2015 Alex Bowman will be sitting there waiting and waiting on news if he's going to be racing or not while BK pursues other drivers and takes their grand old time. Great system, Ron Devine, great system. UGHHH.

I only ever come on LJ to rant anymore, sorry for never posting any actual content.
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